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Redbrick Water Features

Don't roll all of these just a few fine or till gaps filled
Every level has one possibly more

Redbrick Water Features
Fancy magic potions cannot be kept for than one hour
fancy fluids only work once per person per day 

d12 Crude Water Feature
1 Dirty hole in ground collects water

2 Large clay urn and wooden cup
3 Bucket with wooden ladel
4 Sinkhole with flowing water
5 Sewer grate
6 Open filthy drain
7 Chamber pot and bowl of filthy water
8 Dripping ceiling with clay pot collecting
9 Water trickles down a wall and into a crack
10 Clay pipe broken open with flowing water
11 Creek worn through floor several foot
12 Water pours from crack filling a filthy pond

d12 Fancy Water Feature
1 Toilet pit drops into sewer
2 Wooden toilet hut with
3 Well with bucket and rope
4 Well with bucket and chain under cover
5 Well in locked shack with pump and trough
6 Water flowing through a stone trough
7 Raised pond in stone basin fed by trickle from room
8 Ornamental or Statuesque fountain
9 Grotto with burbling warm water, fog, mineral deposits and crystals
10 Waterfall 
11 Holy fountain with a shrine
12 Magical potion fountain

d12 Defences 

1 Wandering monsters here for a break
2 Guards from a faction
3 Spell caster or servants here
4 Mechanical trap
5 Snare or net trap
6 Deadfall trap
7 Giant animal guard
8 Lesser spirit rises up like a spectral minion
9 Threatening signs
10 Alarm of some kind
11 Animated weapons or armour or undead
 Cherubim or Imp or brownie or pixie guardian

d12 Common Fluids
1 Sewerage
2 Filthy
3 Vinegar

4 Brine
5 Cool spring water
6 Hot mineral water
7 Blood often mixed with flammable alcohol

 Beer or cider
9 Wine or spirits
10 Tea or herbal brew
 Honey or mead or malt or syrup

d12 Fancy Fluids

Unholy water
2 Holy water
3 Holy potion of 
protection from evil for 1T
4 Holy potion of bless +1 for 1T
5 Heal d4 once per person per day
 Heal 2d4 once per person per day
7 Night Vision potion 1T
8 Minor mutation potion d100 on a mutation table
9 Detect magic potion for 1T
10 Temporary mutation for 1T
 d100 on a mutation table
11 Elemental or water weird or liquid creature
12 Spirit of the water makes contact or apears

d12 Potion Flavor
1 Rotten puke and excrement

2 swampy choking mucous
3 Vinegar
4 Mineral
5 Sour
6 Herbal
8 Spicy
9 Fragrant

10 Wine or beer or mead
11 Distilled spirits or liqueur or cordial
12 Delicious ambrosia or honey or nectar

d12 Potion Properties

1 Thick and viscous mucous
2 Slimy and ropey
3 Water or spirit like transperant
4 Oily or greasy or waxy
5 Turns to vapour once opened
6 Colour tinted transparent fluid
7 Opaque coloured fluid
8 Effervescent with bubbles
Sparkling liquid
10 Shimmering 
11 Luminous fluid
12 Mercury like fluid

d12 Potion Colour
1 Red
2 Magenta
3 Cyan
4 Aqua
5 Yellow
6 Tangerine
7 Emerald

8 Light Green
9 Violet 

10 Turquoise
11 Ivory
12 Jet 

d100 Magic potion fluids
01 Unholy water
02 Holy water
03 Holy potion of 
protection from evil for one hour
04 Holy potion of bless +1 for one hour
05 Heal d4 once per person per day
 Heal 2d4 once per person per day
07 Night Vision for one hour
08 Minor mutation potion d100 on a mutation table
09 Detect magic potion
 for one hour  
10 Temporary mutation for one hour d100 on a mutation table
 Can speak a new language and only that for one hour (Goblin is common)
12 Spell in brain, next time speak the spell escapes and is cast when mouth opens
13 Vision on some vague threat in the future of the dungeon
14 Dream that night of past incarnation
15 Age reduces d4 may only use once may only take away one batch
16 Have a battle in dreamland that night during sleep
17 Spirit in the fluid tries to possess drinker and makes them exhibit some awful bad trait
18 Spirit in the fluid tries to possess drinker and tries to use them to achieve some mission
19 Euphoric spirit in fluid will possess drinker and keeps them relaxed and happy
20 Melancholic spirit in fluid will possess drinker and keeps them depressed and tearful
21 Water elemental possibly just makes clean water and non hostile mostly
22 Water weird living horror in putrid unholy tainted water
23 Spirit of the water seeks to make contact
24 Ochre Jelly transparent hiding in fluid
25 Grey or crystal ooze living in the water
26 Algoid or shambling mound erupt from slimy water
27 Mushroom men or spore goblins erupt from moldy water
28 Kappa (1in6 a vampire kappa) dominates area
29 Giant guardian snake (1in6 intelligent and d4 levels as a spell caster)
30 Monster living in water 1=giant cave lobster 2=rats 3=giant fish 4=giant frog
31 Poison tainted water
32 Acid 1hp damage with touch or splash 2d4 if fall in or dose thrown
33 Diseased water carried by diseased filth
34 Narcotic for d4 hours, hallucinate if fail save
35 Narcotic for d4 hours, planar visions ask one divine being a question
36 Narcotic for d4 hours, save or cannot tell a lie will blurt out truth instead
37 Narcotic feels phobic and uncertain +1 to surprise for one hour if fail save 
38 Narcotic visions of the ancient past for a d4 hours if fail save
39 Narcotic visions of the dawn of creation for a d4 hours if fail save
40 Narcotic vision of horrors and torments for a d4 hours if fail save
41 Can smell gold within 1" for one hour
42 Can smell silver within 1" for one hour
43 Can smell silver within 1" for one hour
44 Can sense secret doors within 1" for one hour
45 Can sense traps within 1" for one hour
46 Can sense corpses within 1" for one hour
47 Can sense invisible within 1" for one hour
48 Can breathe water for one hour
49 Invisible for one hour
50 Spider climb for one hour
 Size change enlarged for one hour
52 Size change shrink for one hour
53 Turn into a goblin for one hour
54 Levitate for one hour Move 3"up or 1" across
55 Turn into a beastman abhuman for one hour 1in6 save or permanent
56 Turn into elemental or plant or fungi abhuman 1in6 save or permanent
57 Turn into a specific species of animal for one hour
58 Turn into a non material vapour for one hour can move 6"
59 Save or go to sleep for one week if they wish to resist
60 Can fly for ten minutes at normal movement rate
61 Glow for 3" for a d6 hours
62 Wounds that bleed seal in one round for d12 hours
63 Increase level for one hour temporarily
64 Attribute is increased by d4 for one hour chosen at random
65 Attribute is decreased by d4 for one hour chosen at random
66 Increases HP by d4+1 per level for one hour
67 Faster increase Mov by d6" for one hour
68 Slower decrease Mov by d6" for one hour
69 Resistant to d41=fire 2=cold 3=acid 4=lightning for one hour
70 Age at half speed from now on if make CON save
71 ESP spell effect for one turn

72 Pass though matter 1" thick for one turn
73 Turn into ogre or troll or other monster if fail save
74 Explode on death if reduced to zero HP, d6/Lv 2" radius if fail save
75 Diarrhea and vomiting -4 everything for d6 days if fail save 
76 Visions of alignment spirits debating who gets your soul d4 hours if fail save
77 Visions of something they want deep in the dungeon for d4 hours if fail save
78 Drinker possesses a vermin critter for one hour and can spy through it for one hour
79 Shape changes into vermin if fail save
80 When character dies they arise as a d4 1=zombie 2=shadow 3=wight 4=spectral minion
81 Cursed as per spell
82 Lycanthropy if fail save
83 Blind if fail save
84 Deaf if fail save
85 Level drained if fail save
86 False vision sent by a evil spirit of deception or enemy
87 Evil duplicate steps from surface of the water and attacks
88 Guardian being from another dimension appears to guards the well
89 Vision of personal death fight a invisible stalker
90 Death spell save or spirit driven from body
91 Heal all wounds
92 Restore drained energy levels

93 Cure poison
94 Cure blindness/deafness
95 Exorcism drives out hostile spirits from a victim if they fail a save

96 Revives corpse as a wild zombie if fed direct from fountain by hand
97 Revives dead person but tainted as d4 1=lycanthropy 2=vampire 3=spectre 4=shoggoth
98 Reincarnation works once and only if body fed direct from fountain in a copper cup
99 Raise dead works once and only if body fed direct from fountain in a silver cup

100 Plane shift over d6 rounds fading away, possibly to dreamland or hell

Monsters will use these and you might get attacked by some buffed up creatures or monsters might have prepped before a fight. Monsters often guard such features.

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Call of Cthulhu d100 Investigators strange experiences

Some past traumas for investigators or NPCs

d10 Quick types of experiences
Cultist exprience
2 Madman experience
3 Cryptofauna evidence
4 Personal trauma
5 Muthos events
6 Dreams
7 Hauntings
8 Survived madman
9 Family
10 Mythos contact

d100 Investigators strange past experiences
01 Found remains of a sacrifice once
02 Knew somebody murdered who feared a cult
03 Witnesses robed killers murdering someone
04 Witnessed robed cultists kidnap someone
05 Discovered a robed sect while travelling by accident
06 Witnessed a cover up from a cult murder
07 A conspiracy nut you knew got murdered
08 Someone you know joined a cult and vanished
09 Someone you know died at the hands of a cult
10 A cult is out to get you for knowing too much
11 Close older family member was a cultist and you dread them 
12 A lone madman kidnapped you once and authorities saved you
13 Someone has been following you obsesivley
14 A crazy ex lover or spouse is a cultist
15 A former teacher or mentor is a cultist
16 Escaped relative from a mental hospital once attacked you
17 Witnessed someone read mythos books and decline into madness
18 Encountered an outre artist or performer or scholar
19 Knew a older professional occultist growing up as a child 
20 Witnessed a medium or witch perform a strange unexplainable ritual
21 Found strange remains of some thing
22 Found strange foot prints in snow, on roof, in stone or somewhere
23 Saw something in a storm nobody believes
24 Found an object made from some strange creature remains
25 Heard some strange buzzing voices talk to you from the darkness
26 Saw something caught in fishing nets that was not meant to be
27 Saw something in the distance in the wilderness that was not human
28 Seen strange people speaking in unknown language
29 Found some remains of something long lost
30 Saw some photographs of something from a explorer
31 Survived a massacre from a madman
32 Whole family died from the war and disease
33 Survived crippling disease
34 Imprisoned in terrible conditions but escaped
35 Survived a horrible transport accident
36 Survived a natural disaster
37 Almost drowned
38 Survived a car accident
39 Survived assault
40 Survive workplace accident
41 Seen strange figures in graveyard by night
42 Found signs of grave diging
43 Seen hideous inbred redneck in the country
44 Seen people dive into sea and not come up
45 Chased by creepy men from some backward coastal town
46 Mysterious foreigner keeps trying to warn you about something 
47 Saw something through a telescope cant explain
48 Found something in a museum you wished you had not
49 Saw a terrible book when young
50 Saw a body killed by something that couldn't be human
51 Strange dreams after seeing an artwork or ancient relic

52 Dream of some past incarnation and tragic death in ancient times
53 Dream of being taken away by strange beings in the night
54 Dream of of strange otherworldly life in a unfamiliar body
55 Dream of strange life in other world
56 Dream of life in witch hunting age of 1600s
57 Dream of being sacrificed by cult to some horror, dreams getting longer
58 Dream of bizarre primitive tribal ritual but wake before something horrible comes
59 Dream of local murder and it came true a d4 times
60 Dream of strange voices talking to you in strange language
61 Seen poltergeist activity in a ritual
62 Seen a medium speak in a strange terrifying voice
63 Trapped in a storm in a haunted house
64 Seen someone possessed
65 Seen a phantom figure moving about
66 Felt intense panic in certain place you never want to return to
67 Feel a hostile house spirit presence
68 Seen someone turn crazy and try and kill everyone
69 Has strange dreams about past inhabitants of a house
70 Have hears angry noises and been shoved in hanted house
 Seen a madman set themselves on fire
72 Saw madman killed by authorities before your eyes
73 Saw madman sacrifice someone
74 Seen madman like they were possessed kill themselves
75 Seen madman trying to cast a spell but they were stopped
76 Saw madman try and summon something but someone killed them 
77 Know a man locked in a building disappeared somehow inside
78 Know a man who disappeared exploring something strange years ago
79 Knew someone died of strange unnatural medical condition that was covered up
80 Saw something strange and horrendous in trunk in uncles roof
81 Discover an ancestor was a sorcerer and was killed by the mob or the law
82 Discover had some sailors in the family of uncertain background
83 Discover family in backwoods country town of inbred hicks
84 Found family tried to cover up a serial killer in the clan
85 Has family in mental hospital and have visited many hospitals over life
86 Had a mad relative who had to be locked up after threatening you
87 Parents killed as a child and raised by creepy elders
88 Orphan abandoned as baby and adopted by kindly family
89 Adopted and mistreated until made own way out
90 Heard old family member tell strange nonsensical stories
91 Seen someone change their shape and blend in among others
92 Read a horrendous mythos book

93 Know someone who returned from the dead
94 Seen a non human creature in the darkness
95 Saw someone killed by something invisible

96 Killed a strange thing by accident and now someone following
97 Knew a teacher who taught about the mythos but disappeared
98 Know someone studying the mythos who went mad then disappeared
99 Someone died before your eyes completely unnaturally
100 Had dream sending from some slumbering horror imprisoned somewhere

Dungeon Dozen and Worlds of Elfmaids & Octopi

d12 Dungeon Zones

1 Gothic Realm - haunted by horrors and the dead
2 Brick Dungeon - cheap quick brick throwup dungeons are spreading
3 Goblin Mine - ancient goblin occupied mine complex
4 House of Amber – rich madmen in eternal sprawling palace
5 Giant Fortress – crumbling giantland fortress goes on forever
6 Sunken City – semi sunken coastal and reef filled ancient ruins
7 Castle Grim - complex of human warlords
8 Elder Ruins - crumbling haunted remains of alien pre human gods
9 Lost Temple – crumbling desert ruins of the ancients cities and tombs long lost
10 Forbidden City – jungle shrouded lost world of monuments and monsters
11 Glacial Citadel – frozen elder ruins among ancient glacier kingdom
12 Underland – subterranean races and kingdoms, remnants of lost worlds

d12 Worlds of Elfmaids & Octopi

1 Planet Psychon - Apocalypse future tech wrecks and exploration
2 Xor - magic meat dungeon
3 Faerieland - faeries and goblins n stuff
4 Hells - devils and death and torture!
5 Shadelport - under the eternal city
6 Exile Island - wilderness hexcrawl
7 Space dungeon space age wrecks to explore and plunder

8 Nightmare kingdoms - dreamland dimensions
9 Wizard Words - mutidimensional magical chaos stuff
10 Spirit Land - early humans interacting with beastmen and spirits
11 Demon Land - planes of chaos and demonkind
12 Primordial elemental worlds and wastelands
italic ones in some stage of development now
Been thinking about what my final of 12 dungeon zones and worlds
i like the idea of a prehistoric beast spirit cult setting but as a dungeon type to conquer as a dungeon seems a bit blah so better as world type

Castle Grim

So crazily i think a human centrist military instillation from gate house, watch tower, slaver or bandit camp, secret police watch house, criminal lair, templar fortified church to castle or prison. For those raids on instillation fighting humans related stuff. Easy to add other dungeon types to them to simulate other organised fighting forces strongholds. Can mix or replace with demi humans or humanoids (hobgoblins and orcs and humans mostly). Intelligent competent professional fighting force to test heroes. Will have treasure and hostages and equipment and store houses. Possibly incorporate markets and other basic services. Could include royal dungeoneer corp camp maps.

In some ways kind of really boring. But potentially useful. Demi human, humanoid variants. Evil cult or criminal gangs or chaos invaders, different orders. Possibly could include my mercenary tables, all my invasion table sets. Could include my 21stc dimensional invaders army and special forces stuff. Been thinking about what my final of 12 dungeon zones
i like the idea of a prehistoric beast spirit cult setting but as a dungeon type to conquer as a dungeon seems a bit blah so better as something else.

So crazily i think a human centrist military instillation from gate house, watch tower, slaver or bandit camp, secret police watch house or prison, criminal lair, templar fortified church to castle or prison. For those raids on instillation fighting humans related stuff. Easy to add other dungeon types to them to simulate other organised fighting forces strongholds. Can mix or replace with demi humans or humanoids (hobgoblins and orcs and humans mostly). Intelligent competent professional fighting force to test heroes. Will have treasure and hostages and equipment and store houses. Possibly incorporate markets and other basic services.

In some ways kind of really boring. But potentially useful. Demi human, humanoid variants. Evil cult or criminal gangs or chaos invaders, different orders. Possibly could include my mercenary tables, all my invasion table sets. Could include my 21stc dimensional invaders army and special forces stuff. A hub between civilization and the dungeons and worlds.

Anyway im still gelling.vibe of this idea.

 Worlds of Elfmaids & Octopi
This is very rough but basically some are well into production. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Shopping arriving...

ive been after it for a looong time
biotech and psionics and space gods in one book
one of more bonkers rpg books ever and full of strangeness from a space age mesomerican space empire universe with thrall races
and it cheap as too

Torg Tharkoldu book influenced my portrayal of tech in all rpg games since
cyberpapacy would be great for any time travel game - i used it for a planet in my sf universe
i had no interest in torg as is i used it as a module for marvel for a year
if you wanna run Cthulhu in space
2nd ed 2300 AD man's battle for the stars plus the vehicle and equipment guides and even the kafer sourcebook for a alien race would be a fantastic consistent ALIENS type universe of future colonialism meeting aliens on the frontier and having a war with the kafer (cockroachmen who get smarter the more they fight and assume always smart humans are dangerous barbarian psychopaths).

put in some mythos investigations ruins and anauthorised cultist colonies, some long predating human space flight (???)

the cybertech/earth/beanstalk book is pretty good too

Thats what i use as my main inspiration
plus the also cheap and I recommend:
High Colonies book. which has a similar tech and feel but i use as sourcebook for the earth solar system.Ignore mediocre reviews. One of better solar system campaigns ever. It assumes earth was destroyed in war but really aliens bastards did it and now they hide in the ruins. Ignore reviews of this it has lots of good stuff like rolling up orbitals and habs and asteroids and moons.

2300 and High Colonies have a dry militaristic detailed universe to have militaristic adventure in. So it has lots of detail about politics, economics, technology, factions, organisations. Its a good blank slate to ad other tech, supernature, new aliens, cyberpunk, androids whatever. As they are they can be dry and er militaristic. Has some good exploration and military adventures to be fair.

Cthulhu now stuff from 91 ripples from carcosa with a roman, dark ages and a sf adventure. A reincarnation nephalim cthulhu type mash up game might let me use this and strange aeons books. Anyway  there are a few cthulhu now books i had missed and many are still available. I think If I ran Modern cthulhu I would mix laundry with superworld and a bit of zenith. Anyway as ive been playing cthulhu mostly of late ive been scoring cthulhu stuff from that era my city had none in the shops. Sydney had and still does have some old stock and so does perth. Local post has been kood and noble knight do good bulk purchase freight which is great. I usually buy from UK Germany Korea Hong Kong France Italy Spain with USA being prohibitive cost One book i want from USA is $130 Australian for a $50 US book by post so I will have to wait tor a while till it comes to australia or i can get a good frieght deal from another store as bulk from USA is better if i have to do it

Anyway enjoying reading of late. Fighting fantasy book killed me in 15 minutes.Have about two-three tables to finish then onto next book layout. I might have too draw too.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

d100 Dungeon Illusions and Phantasms

These are illusion type traps planted in dungeons by illusionists or other magicians or even spirits. Making a fake trap that avoiding it in fact triggers a different trap is the most common use. Or just hiding it.

d10 Why did they bother with illusion?1 To hide a trap
2 To act as bait for a trap
3 To scare or warn people
4 To simulate attack or danger
5 To hide a treasure
6 To hide a door or passage
7 To make intruders uncertain
8 As a wacky joke
9 To use as a alarm for locals
10 To act as a test or challenge

d100 Dungeon illusions and phantasms

01 Chattering skulls flies towards intruders laughing 
02 Snakes pour through cracks and cover floor
03 Flies swarm out covering faces and getting in eyes 
04 Swarm of rats panicking
05 Area dripping with slime and dissolved corpses
06 Swarm of bats darken area with chaos
07 Spirits and phantoms swarming everywhere
08 Stirges  swarming hungrily
09 Furious gremlins swarming everywhere 
10 Imps and tiny devils cackling and pointing lewdly scuttling everywhere
11 Explosion of burning flames
12 Arcing bolts of crackling electricity
13 Wall of ice and waves of chilling air
14 Blazing wall of fire blocks area
15 Fog cloud rolls out filling
16 Green vaour pours out and looks toxic
17 Black magical blinding shadows reduces everyone's visibility
18 Bright magical blinding lights reduces everyone's visibility
19 Hail of daggers or darts firing everywhere
20 Swinging bladed pendulums
21 Charging humanoid warriors
22 Huge monster warrior
23 Shield wall of humanoids with spears
24 Dozens of archers
25 Armoured warriors with crossbows and halberds
26 Evil templar warrior priests
27 Robed wizards casting spells
28 Fierce beserkers
29 Armoured warriors
30 Demon or devil 
31 Charging hell hounds
32 Giant frog
33 Giant snake
34 Tentacled horror
35 Gelatinous ooze creature
36 Giant insect  
37 Animated statue or golem
38 Animated floating weapons
39 Elemental being threatens all
40 Roaring dragon breathing fire
41 Stone wall
42 Pit with spikes
43 Burning pit
44 Snake filled pit
45 Mound of rubble
46 Portculis gate
47 Iron bars
48 Heavy door
49 Something ordinary hidden by illusion
50 Something ordinary hidden invisibly
51 Waterfall
52 Boiling water
53 Steam geyser
54 Bubbling pool of acid
55 Pool with swimming monster 
56 Pool with giant octopus
57 Healing spring
58 Well dropping into depths
59 Pool with giant frogs
60 Liquid monster oozes from a vessel
61 Attractive maiden beaconing for help
62 Prisoners bound and moaning
63 Urchins seem afraid and cower in fear
64 Wounded human
65 Pile of gold coins
66 Pile of silver coins
67 Treasure chest open with loot
68 Pile of sparkling gems
 69 Rack of weapons and armour
70 A big black cauldron or stave
71 Piles of barrels
 of crates
72 Exclusionary light source like candles or fire place
73 Pile of coffins, funerary urns or sarcophagi
74 Pile of old shoes or clothes or old armour from bodies
75 Bundles of firewood or huge oil urns
76 Doors or gates that look functional
77 Trap door or pit or well
78 Pressure plate barely observable
79 Sagging beams or roof as if about to collapse
80 Large egg, possibly about to hatch
81 Piles of rotting corpses
82 Piles of skeletons and bones
83 Piles of desiccated and mummified corpses
84 Piles of gore and offal as if from horrible massacre
85 piles of worm ridden rotting flesh crawling with maggots
86 Horribly tortured corpses in apparatus, crucified or chained up
87 Mounds of skulls heaped in
88 Twitching, bloody and squirming human guts, limbs and other organs
89 Piles of severed heads
90 Piles of eyeballs
91 Magical demonic glyphs appear
92 A magical mouth makes some kind of threat or warning
93 A magical mouth swears, moans or sobs
94 A scream or alarm bell or gong sound that alerts creatures
95 Floating eyeball observing intruders
96 Shimmering gate appears and some planar beings look out
97 Horrible phantom or other impressive looking undead horror
98 Great gate opens and some horrific alien being gazes through
99 Demons or devils torturing victims look gleeful to see fresh victims
100 Illusion of dungeon boss or deity being threatening

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Dungeon Graffitti for Redbrick Dungeon

Some dungeon graffiti art for all occasions.

After doing my d12 encounter sheets wanna do a sheet of descriptions and props for dungeon decor the same. Would be easy to vary for dungeon zones.

d10 Quick Types of Graffiti
1 Tags
2 Gang signs
3 Warnings
4 Ornaments5 Portrait of boss
6 Religious verses
7 Witty epitah
8 Funeral marker
9 Faction border sign
10 Occult

d10 2d Artforms

1 Chalk or charcoal drawings usually scawled
2 Ochre paintings, drawings and spray stencils from spitting paint
3 Blood scrawlings
4 Cheap paint made with milk, minerals and pigments
5 Pigments made from plants, fungi, lichen and moss
6 Quality paint from a human city
7 Etched, scratched or scraped into surfaces
8 Carved with chisels or acid
9 Burned into surface with acid or fire or magic
10 Magical sigils, runes and markers

d10 Other artforms

1 Posters
2 Fresco with plaster layer then paint
3 Scent markers the written form of beastkind language 
4 Relief sculpture
5 Living graffiti with moss or lichen or luminescent
6 Assemblage of objects
7 Sculpture
8 Adhered objects attatched with glue
9 Hangings like windchimes bells, flags, tapestries, banners, shields, corpses
10 Secret, Luminous and magical

d10 Most popular motifs on art and tattoos
1 Skulls or bones or crossbones

2 Reptilian snakes or wyrms or drakes or dinosaurs or dragons
3 Elemental or alignment symbol
4 Treasure and loot and plunder
5 Outsider entity name symbol d4 1=demon 2=devil 3=devil 4=archon
6 Mums or dads name name or both or some other loved ones
7 Animal or beast cult symbol or totem image
8 Facial designs including tattoos or makeup
9 Patterns and ornaments
10 Vegetal or scroll motifs

d100 Dungeon Graffiti
01 Childs name scrawling or wannabe tag
02 Teenage tags
03 Decorative name tag
04 Noble dandy on holiday tag
05 Name scrawled in mortar work and cement
06 Two interlinked teen names
06 Name of humanoid warrior or ruler
07 Name of sub boss or level boss
08 Name of demi human ruler or warrior
08 Big crude letter name throw-up with two colours
09 Layers of tags covering surface and each other
10 Crude character or stick figure
11 Name of the dungeon or its evil spirit name
12 Name of national scale vandalism cult
13 Name of dungeon boss or lord
14 Murder hobo gang marker tag
15 Name of a evil d4 1=god 2=demon 3=devil 4=spirit
16 Symbol of holy order or sect
17 Same of a lodge or brotherhood of warriors
18 Monster or barbarian clan or tribe name
19 Dungeon faction name sign
20 Subfaction gang name
21 Secret murder hobo warning markers
22 Hunters secret danger signs
23 Ranger sect secret warning signs
24 Tribal danger signs
25 Monster warning sign in crude common and arrow
26 Faction language warning sign with arrow
27 Warning to turn back with huge angry devil face or skull
28 Warnings and threats between factions or gangs
29 Warnings about vermin or hygiene protocol
30 Stay alert and messages from the good dungeon keeping comitee
31 Skulls covering every surface
32 Spirals, glyphs or geometric shapes
33 Crosses or strokes or cuneiform everywhere
34 Hundreds of names, saucy jokes and marks covering each other thickly
35 Symbols or letters or words scrawled everywhere
36 Stylized creatures, animals and monsters of all kinds
37 Stick figures telling sequences of myths or history
38 Holes in walls with skulls or severed heads in them
39 Clay forms and abstract outre shapes on wall surface
40 Hundreds of nodules or cones plastered to wall surface
41 Snarling face of a god or demon or spirit
42 Characterture of a dungeon boss
43 Caricature of a rival faction member
44 Big animal or monster face
45 A huge skull face
46 A gigantic spider and web
47 Dragon mural
48 A hideous elder god doing something awful in the end times
49 Group heads of faction leader and other important tribal leaders
50 Horde group mural of all the dungeon inhabitants from a certain year
51 Litanies of hatred
52 Holy curses to enemy from holy book or poem
53 Prayers of mourning for the dead
54 A righteous virtue from a prayer
55 Scene from the dawn of creation
56 Scene depicting racial struggle of a people
57 Scene depicting the apotheosis of a hero overcoming a obstacle
58 Scene depicting prophet or saint talking to planar beings
59 Portrait of a religious leader with some verse
60 Lamentations for some great loss
61 A joke about farting or poop
62 Accusation of monsters sexual interests
63 Satirical comment about a boss
64 Slur on a race or species or faction
65 A joke about stupid humans
66 A joke about clerics or some rival cult
67 Crass drawing of leader doing something crude
68 Picture of human hero looking ridiculous or shameful
69 Crude sexual images of dicks or boobs on someone
70 Sexual characterature
71 Name of dead adventurer and holy symbol left intact
72 Name of dead monster warrior
73 Names of dead warriors honour roll
74 Names of clan ancestors
75 Name of ancient shaman
76 Names of adventurers and humans killed77 Names of all the tribe members killed by adventurers
78 Names of all the widows
79 Names of all those reached adulthood and dead crossed out
80 Memorial scene of great battle
81 Symbols of a factions gods
82 Interfactional curse slogan
83 Abandon all hope who pass sign
84 Line marked with threats on each side from factions
85 Faction signs over large area
86 Neutral zone between faction considered safe turf
87 VIP area not for peon signs
88 Strange signs left by infiltrators from somewhere mysterious
89 Ancient sigils of prehistoric long lost race like elder trolls
90 Symbol of a sect or clan
91 Demonic circle or pentagram in chalk or stone
92 Instructions on how to sell soul to hell
93 Images of demons granting wondrous gifts
94 Scenes of wizards or magicians battling
95 Scene of local important spirits used in educational rituals
96 Magical symbols visible only to detect or read magic
97 Magical mouths appear and mutter d4 1=threats 2=screams 3=warnings 4=curses
98 Magical artwork scene comes to life and is a gateway to another dungeon
99 Magical artwork scene comes to life and is a gateway to a pocket dimension
100 Magical artwork scene comes to life and is a gateway to the dreamlands
d10 Quick more dungeon graffitti1 Adventurer graffiti
2 Humanoid graffitti
3 Strange scrawls
4 Ribald slander and filth
5 Demihuman graffiti
6 Calendars and maps
7 Propaganda
8 Faction turf marks
9 Praises
10 Supernatural and ritual

d100 More Dungeon Graffitti1 Murder hobo warning sign
2 Murder hobo gang sign
3 Adventurer we-were-here tags from surface
4 Adventurer from surface declare this there turf
5 Adventurer marks to avoid getting lost in maze
6 Adventurers dead names memorialised here
7 Diabolic symbols of cultists scrawled everywhere
8 Wizard sigils marked everywhere in strange luminous ink
9 Prisoner or slave desperate message for help
10 Desperate last lone adventurer message as lights went out
11 Kobold gangs competing for turf tags
12 Goblinkin gangs competing for turf tags
13 Hobgoblin unit insignia
14 Bugbear cult signs
15 Lizardman scrawls
16 Goatmen sigils
17 Orc threats and abuse
18 Criminal guild sign
19 Troll clan sign
20 Ogre clan glyphs21 Bloody fingered scratch marks and message begging for help
22 Holy text scribed by devout madman23 Insane ramblings of madman about elder gods24 Inhuman writings of long lost cult
25 Prehuman script of fishman gibberish
26 Unnamable sigils of the far off kingdoms
27 Cult guru idiotic maxims for personal success
28 Tribal shaman spirit runes
29 Collection of demon signatures
30 Image of a ancient relic of evil
31 Dirty jokes about some boss
32 Crude boss monster dick drawings
33 Angry statement about boss monsters lover
35 Rant about ex lover
36 Crazy conspiracy about the serpantmen
37 Warning about something totally crazy and unlikley
38 Complaint about monsters farts or snoaring
39 Picture of adventurer making out with a unicorn
40 Bad caracterature of party as incompetent and weak41 Dwarf threats against goblinoids42 Elf text mocking lesser races squabbles
43 Gnome threats to goblins
44 Hobbit taunts of orcs
45 Picture of nasty dwarf being killed by goblins
46 Picture of elves fornicating with trees and animals
47 Picture of gnomes being killed while fleeing kobolds
48 Picture of halflings being killed butchered and cooked on a spit
49 Picture of the four demihuman races being executed
50 Picture of demihuman being mutilated by united humanoids
51 Time records on wall from a long period
52 Vague offers to meet here for good time53 Shift record or guard patrol record
54 Calendar of lunar months
55 Calender of solstices and seasons
56 Solar calendar with extra holy day every four years
57 Circle with 360 days in a circle with months and sesons
58 List of the dungeon bosses or level boses over the last century or longer
59 Crude map of area of the dungeon
60 Map of country with trade routes to other dungeons and towns61 Slogan of a faction
62 Motto of a boss monster of the level
63 Boast that a faction is best
64 Claim that a faction is winning and will be victorious soon
65 Notice the shapeshifter killing and eating locals has been caught
66 Notice to be alert to adventurers, shapeshifters and enemy spies
67 Death to humankind or something to that effect or variation
68 Boast now is the time for faction kind to rise up and win
69 Demand for dungeon unity vs the outsiders
70 Picture of the boss with one word like victory! or godblessed! or peace!
71 Huge gang sign mural over whole wall
72 Huge memorial of fallen gang members names or pictures of them
73 Wall of gang members names with dead crossed out
74 Faded old name of long dead gang or faction
75 Crossed out name of old dungeon boss or faction leader
76 Terrible lame coat of arms scrawled by monsters
77 Name of the dungeon in ornamental text
78 Names of various clans within a faction
79 Cult insignia overlapping each other in turf war with dominant cult on top
80 Crumbling old gang sign barley visible where it once was
81 Praise to an evil being
82 Praise to a king or dungeon boss
83 Vile curse to all humans who pass
84 Goblinoid land rights now slogans
85 Honour roll for monsters that kill humans
86 Praise to a great warrior in the dungeon tribe
87 Praise to a great shaman or magician
88 Praise to a lord of hell and his excellent deals for your soul
89 Praise be to a demon prince or princess and the gifts they bring if you release them
90 Peace treat with various gang and faction symbols
91 Jokes about famous wizard staffs and wands and apprentices
92 Bunch of necromancer symbols
93 Cultist signs swearing devotion to evil gods
94 Sigil of praise to the old ones
95 Tribal hunting signs and beast cult images
96 Hand print, claw marks and hoof prints from long ago rituals
97 Reptile cult symbols from old serpantman empire
98 Image of elder god being trapped in a well by wizards, priests or shamen
99 An ancient spell text which could be used as research for a wizard spell
100 Spell scroll has been inscribed into the wall by desperate adventurer or local magician

Monday, 14 May 2018

Quick Exile Island Encounter Sheets

While I have done elaborate d100 tables for everything I sometimes like a simple quick d12 table even just to set a mood. 
Sometimes you just need a quick result in game. These tables are to provide a quick mood compared to my larger ones. Considered including stats but this gets to be a problem with high level monsters with more abilities.

The first table results are more likely to be scenic than fights but could be opportunities for rumours, meeting new people. On a common encounter table roll on a 12 you can accept the result or roll a second d12 for uncommon encounters. You could also use the uncommon tables at night or when evil omens are out.
Or roll on my equivalent d100

Here is a link

Possibly do a psychon one by terrain or one based on my dungeon zones

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Merry Murder Hobo Month of May

After this video came out
It talks about problems with murder hobos lika a pathology, the causes and solutions but assumes everyone is agreeing on what Murder Hobo means.

And earlier I found these definitions

1 murderhobo

The typical protagonist of a fantasy role-playing game, who is a homeless guy who goes around killing people and taking their stuff. The term originated in discussions of tabletop role-playing games by authors seeking to create games aimed at styles of play not supported by traditional games like Dungeons & Dragons.

Four murderhoboes burned down the peaceful orc village, killed every orc in it, and looted their corpses.

2 murderhobo

A derogatory term used to denigrate old school players of Dungeons & Dragons, and considered a gross insult among real old school players andDMs. Users of the term falsely claim that murderhobo was the style of playback in the day (1974-1978) and that is based on a false understanding of what old school play is. Bitd the way that the original old school Dungeons & Dragons was played was as a game of exploration, and good play meant that you a avoided combat when possible and gained treasure by other means. Aplayer in those days only went into combat when it could not be avoided and only killed when it was necessary. If the goal could be obtained through other types of interaction, that was the preferred day.

Zac S did this Vital Research on Murder Hobos

I just (coincidence?) researched the history of the term today:

Oct 2010
First use of the term (not the earliest google hit but only bc some pages update retroactively)

More early uses:
June 2011

Sept (9/11) 2011

First use of it as semi undesirable:
someone says they don't mind it, just not in their Tolkien game:

Aug 11, 2011

First definitely negative use is....RPGPundit? He objects to the idea that most D&D ends up as murderhoboism but doesn't appear to object to the idea Murderhobos are bad:

11-02-2011 06:00 PM
Opinions on this vary in the thread
First usage afterward where the author assumes casually Murderhobo is a negative descriptor is someone on RPGnet talking about the Punisher:
"I am super serious and tortured and, unlike all those pussies who call themselves superheroes, I get the job done and kill the bad guys who deserve it. And I'm a murderhobo living in the sewers, human relations are for the weak and untortured. Brooding. In the dark." The ridiculing helps to show how pathetic that character actually is. Heck half the Marvel characters have had more messed up lives…”

Early serious discussion of the term outside RPGsite on 4chan:
12/05/11(Mon)16:09 No.17115965
"Stop saying murderhobo"
"Nobody gives a fuck that you have to make people who play the game for different things look like they're doing it wrong"
"Murderhobo is a joke, the kind of stereotypical character a LOT of players make. You know. Munchkin'ized characters that have no living family,no relatives, no friends, no house, no connection"
"It's a character that lives for killing"

I've seen TONS of them"

"Yeah,I"m a Paladin-Inquisitor of Torm. My entire family got turned by Vampyres, and I had to kill them all MYSELF. I burned down the house, and left the kingdom in disgrace, forever branded to never exist. I have no home. No family.Nothing but revenge, and as Torm as my ally, I'll murder every undead that lives."



He's so grimdark and metal that whenever he walked HOLY DIVER plays!"

"What can he roleplay besides murdering things?ANGST?"

12/05/11(Mon)16:26 No.17116119
"it doesn't help that the guys who make murderhobos are either:
a) newf*gs who don't know any better
b) emotionally unstable and looking for catharsis
c) emotionally unstable and looking for a power trip
d) angsty basement dwellers
or e) THAT GUY"

"Most of my groups murderhobos are either b, d, or e; with one of the two e-types, whom I like to call THIS GUY in person (he doesn't understand the reference at all), being my best friend who actively enjoys WoW despite having gone through everything. For comparison, I can't even enjoy playing unless I have a friend running alongside me (usually THIS GUY) the other e-type is a registered and self-described sociopath with enough personality that I don't really mind his excesses so long as I can manage to have some fun in his shadow"

12/05/11(Mon)16:30 No.17116153
"Holy fuck, dude. It's time you consider that you might have some big issues as well. If ALL your friends really do suck that bad, why do you hang out with them? Because you are so fucking co-dependent you can't stand the thought of being alone so it's these chucklefucks you cling to despite the fact they are chucklefucks? Or you're so fucking repulsive that you can't go out and get another set of friends?"

"But to be completely honest, a lot of my characters end up being murderhobos just to troll the people I game with. And I wonder why I haven't had a regular gaming group in over a year.”

"You know I actually played a murderhobo once.
He was a woodelf. He kept a rapier hidden in his giant hobo coat. He spoke a gypsy cryptelect. He also murdered people for food.
So, yknow there you go"

And On My G+ Thread
I got People to Suggest
Murder Hobo Maxims

Jack Derricourt, Joshua Blackketter, Anders "The Delver"Nordberg, Iacopo Maffi, Gieljan de Vries, Shoe Skogen, Matthew Adams, Kerstan Szczepanski, Sean McCoy, Aron Clark, Gus L, Rafa Ramos, Ivan Sorensen

On the frontier anyone sassing you could be a pretext to murdering you you so strike first!
Sillas Bunyon

Every foe needs their intestines checked for swallowed treasure. Squeeze and tug for treasure, beware parasites. A diamond with shit on it is still a diamond.
Pegleg Bill

Don't murder anyone you could sell as a slave.
Kate Bloodeagle

Every corpse could be good to sell for meat or render into tallow, or oil to burn down houses. Waste not want not.
Vinegar Tom

Every scrap of furniture, door, pot, utensil and filthy mattress has some value and not all treasure is gold.
Steven "Shanky" Bates

Spend every cent you have as quick as possible and stay in debt for tomorrow you die! Drugs and prostitutes are a sound investment and you can't take gold to hell.
Old "Scabby" Bill

Fair fights are for people whom the bards would remember in a hundred years.
Grosh "Firebomb" Krosh

Overwhelming eldritch might will solve many problems, but not all problems. Always travel with someone sneaky and someone large.
Pete Loudly

Never argue about the so called alignments when killing infants or helpless enemies, this will only give ideas to the Destiny Masters, kill and move one like its nothing.
Wats Itsfeis

Start stealing from each other only if you are ready to kill any other member of the party and retire from adventuring. You will find a quick path into retirement this way.
Jack "snore stabber" Willikins

Ignore what you are carrying, keep it in the back of your mind and lie if anyone that asks, up where you will need to swim, then you better prepare or will find yourself sinking.
M'cumb Rancesuk 

A strangled wizard can cast no sorcery, a tongueless wizard is a silent weakling.
Beni Profane

I'll fight whatever it is long enough to run proper, but I don't do doors. 

"Killer" Ponzi Hedwig

Smile, be polite, laugh, and tell jokes right up until the stabbing starts.
Murray the Murderer 

Someone who hires you for a dangerous mission is too weak to manage it themselves, too friendless to find someone tougher, has no interest in your well-being and likely has a full pouch, the situation can only be clarified with a swift shanking - the same goes for gods, wizards and ancient spirits.
Milicent "Cobweb"

Never trust the dead or anyone who agrees to work with you without a promise of pay.
Beni Profane 

You lookin at me?

Check every corpse. Make more corpses.

Always send the runt in first, he or she ain't gonna argue. Unless your runt is thieving Fred from Harsted, that bastard always argues.
Urtha Nettletoes

They always try to send us small ones in first, I don't mind, I just forget to point all the traps out to them. And forget lockpicks, hammer and chisel are gonna be your best friends.
"Honest" Fred from Harsted 

Keep your maxims and your nooses short.
Sammi Two Swords

Make friends! But...if they don't wanna be friends, kick em inna FACE. 


Eat the healer last.
Indiana Gnoll 

Don't travel to the Veins of the Earth.


Do it to them before they can even think to do it to you.


A murderhobo who thinks to be strong will soon be dethobo.


Nobody needs you" “Poke it, flip it, smell it, whack it, THEN open it.


Green slime? It’s not a trap, it’s a resource.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


Kick down the door.
To kill the whos home.
To conquer the world.
Frazer "Grabby" Mc Graw 

The gods in heaven play cosmic dice around their banquet table with our lives, only murder hobos are free and wild, everyone else is weak and just living some preordained backstory.
Sister Gloria "Slaughter Margin" Dillinger

Everything Burns is a double-edged sword.


Alignment was made by the gods to start fights.
And to know who to kill.
It does this very well.
Ramos "Goblin gutter"

Stab it and see.
Then burn it with fire.
If it still moves flee.
Or call on magic wrath and godly ire.
Tilly Skullcrusher 

If you murdering people inhabiting a torture dungeon nobody will care. Kill a sheriff or a few bailiffs and a mob with pitchforks will burn your house down. So don't have a house.
Garry the Bonkers Berserker 

Don't just stab villagers. Provoke them into striking first then kill them and sue their families and take their land.
Bloody Mary Turtlebaum 

If the gods didn't want you to stab it they wouldn't have made it bleed.
If the gods didn't want you to burn it they wouldn't have made it flammable.
If they didn't want you to drown it they wouldn't have made it breathe.
If they didn't want everyone dead they would have shared their immortality.
Brother Bugger McNugget

Thou shalt always kill or be killed.


Thinking of putting all this in a illustrated zine or update my murder hobo book
I found a table I forgot to include and have done several murderhobo shanty town maps to put in also